пятница, 21 января 2011 г.

Nano Machine

Boroboro ni Natta Hito e is the newest release from nanomachine in 4 years.
This mini-album is a conceptual album where the band tried to envision what the
book by Lily Frank, "Boroboro ni Natta Hito e" would sound like if it was made
into music. It's a literary musical masterpiece. This collaboration contains
five songs with Japanese lyrics and a collage of sounds. This is a fantastic
release with a wide variety and strikes the perfect chord of a mix between rock
and minimal techno.

2009 - Boroboro ni Natta Hito e

1. My Way
2. Mokkn
3. Oliva
4. Miurun
5. Boroboro ni Natta Hito e


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