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Ark Sano

Since the sensational debut as the pianist of straight-ahead jazz band Black/Note, Ark Sano continuously maintains the reputation of one of the top pianists on the jazz scene. Beside four albums, including “Jungle Music” on Columbia and “Nothin’ But Swing” on Impulse with Black/Note, he has appeared numerous recordings in variety of genre. His latest release and second leader/trio album “In Storm, In Breeze” is receiving rage reviews worldwide. While he has appeared on live TV and radio shows nationally, Ark’s abundant performing experience also extends to major European Jazz festivals such as; North Sea, JVC, Montreal, Monterey, Victoria, and the Umbria Jazz festival.

URB magazine wrote ” the energy and speed in Ark’s playing is mind blowing… rips through solos with a calculating precision and unprecedented command of Jazz harmony”. LA Jazz Scene wrote “a marvelous, technically adept musician, who plays with a controlled fury”. Ottawa Citizen said, “Ark Sano has dazzling technique and a special fluency on modal burners”.
Renowned Jazz critic Leonard Feather of the Los Angeles Times praised Sano saying he “displayed a diversity of ideas that ranged from ingenious chording to rapid single note lines”. The Sacramento Bee wrote “Sano, who on the boppish opener had shown a hard hitting attack, framed (ballads) along with tenderly wonderful chords and changes” and the Los Angeles Weekly wrote “Sano, uses his McCoy Tynerish chording and broad rippling sounds as the delivery system for the nerve-twisting harmonic structures”.

2005 - Piano Tribue to Tool

01 Schism
02 Sober
03 Aenima
04 Stinkfist
05 Patient, The
06 Undertow
07 Ticks and Leeches
08 Opiate
09 Hush
10 Ark's Hammer


2005 - Piano Tribute to Nine Inch Nails

01 The Day The World Went Away
02 The Frail
03 Hurt
04 The Mark Has Been Made
05 Closer
06 The Wretched
07 The Great Below
08 La Mer
09 The Downward Spiral


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