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Formed in 2002, [[Miimi]] doesn't have a bassist and uses an interesting combination of 3 guitarists. Miimi offers vivid, pronounced riffs and a sound that couples this bands innocent yet sorrowful outlook on life and a feeling that has been described as "suspension in midair like a pale light floating in a quivering womb." Their live performances boast a specialty for intense performances and heavy acoustic pressure. The band also has an intense DIY (Do it Yourself) mentality that pervades into the recording of the album all the way to the artist photo's and album artwork. Masa, baritone guitar, is also the bassist for te' , which has received rave reviews even outside of Japan.

2008 - ephyra

01 - schema
02 - ロープ (rope)
03 - 光と影 (hikari to kage)
04 - blanc
05 - エフィラ (ephyra)
06 - 空白 (kuuhaku)
07 - 深海 (shinkai)
08 - 灰の花びら (hai no hanabira)


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